Immigration to Canada

Work experience can help people to plan for their profession,achieve experience to the Canadian working environment, build closer association with the society, and furnish with additional money. Work enhances the profile of individual from various perspectives. It is the primary cause of earning for most people and their families, empowering them to fulfill fundamental needs and follow other interests in order to fulfill them. People may gather a feeling of achievement from their work, at a societal level, the work of people produces productivity, benefit, and intensity in the Canadian economy.

Individuals who have lived in Canada for a short time and have good English/French skills, appropriate skilled work experience, and have adjusted well to the Canadian society are eligible to apply and gain Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This will help them contribute. Sign Up for more information.

Individuals applying for this visa should show that they meet the minimum visa criteria including work experience of 1 year that must be in a chosen occupation, a job offer from . . . Signup for further Information

Federal Skilled Trades Program is for international professionals who plan to become a permanent resident of Canada on the basis of their skills and qualification in . . .Signup for further Information

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program permits skilled immigrants and their families to enter Manitoba to work and settle. Manitoba PNP program applications are approved from educated and experienced skilled workers with English proficiency and have capability and . . .Signup for further Information


Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program permits skilled immigrants and their families to come to Nova Scotia to work and settle there.
Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) paves the way for Canadian Permanent Residency. It allows international citizens to immigrate to Canada who intend to . . .Signup for further Information

International citizens who have studied or worked in Quebec province would be eligible to immigrate under Quebec Experience Class.
There are 2 categories under this fast-track Canadian immigration scheme.
• Foreign students
• Temporary Foreign Workers

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The province of Quebec has created its own immigration selection program and has diverse criteria and method of assessment for Skilled Workers than . . .Signup for further Information