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US acquire the world’s largest economy and is one of the most significant countries in the world. Majority of international students look for US study programs as a reason that US has world’s top universities and the degree of these universities are accepted all around the world. With more than a sum of 4000 educational institutes and majority of them in top rankings, US offers study courses in every field.

Admission process and visa process is always complex in nature. Visa interview can be deceptive as you may not be aware of what visa officer expects to hear from you. It is life changing opportunity so consulting our professionally trained mentors is suggested for admission and visa.

An F1 visa student is allowed to work part-time on-campus (20 hours per week) but is not allowed to work off-campus during the first year of study. After the first year of study, the DHS/ICE may grant permission for off-campus employment after the first year in cases of confirmed economic problem.

• Student visa [F-1] holders are qualified for a total of 12 months Optional Practical Training [OPT] per educational level completed.
• To get the Additional 17 months OPT extension [total of 29 months which includes 12 months OPT as stated above], student must complete a degree from STEM Majors. STEM refers to degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

Upon finding a Job you will be able to extend your stay, leading to permanent residence in USA.

♦  College admission letter
  Previous educational transcripts/certificates
  Sufficient funds
  Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
  Valid passport

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